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French Projects



 Secção Europeia de Língua Francesa – French European Section

SELF - European Section of French Language at the school EB 2,3 Prof. João de Meira is a project of bilingual teaching in French language that is part of the Integrated Teaching in Foreign Language - Enseignement d'une Matière par l'Intégration d'une Langue Étrangère (EMILE) or Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL), resulting from an Agreement of Educational and Linguistic Cooperation between Portugal and France.


The DNL - non-linguistic subjects - currently involved in this project are Natural Sciences and Physical Education, in which the respective syllabuses are taught in French, from 7th to 9th grade. At the end of basic education, students will have their knowledge recognised by means of a certificate issued by the French Ministry of Education.


This European section is an appropriate response to the current linguistic and cultural diversification that is increasingly present in our municipality, developing students’ broader competences in the area of values, European citizenship and interculturality.

In addition, it gives AE João de Meira a European dimension of modernity and pedagogical innovation, thus confirming the status it has achieved over the years of being a school of importance and quality in our society here in Guimarães.

DELF Scolaire

Delf Club at EB 2,3 Prof. João de Meira

DELF is the acronym for Diplôme d’Études en Langue Française, and it is a French language proficiency test that examines the basic levels of French as a foreign language. The DELF exam is aimed at non-native speakers of French who want to certify their French skills.


The DELF Scolaire exam is offered in four different levels according to CERF (Common European Framework for Languages), from A1 to B2, and is made up of four different sections: listening, reading, writing – all written exams -, and speaking - an oral exam.


The minimum score to pass the DELF Scolaire exam is 50%, which includes both passing the exam overall as well as passing each section. It is marked out of 100, and the sections are marked out 25, which means scoring 50/100 overall and at least 5/25 in each area.


The DELF Scolaire test is administered by France Education International (France Éducation international or FEI) for the French Ministry of Education, in collaboration with the Alliances Françaises. It is recognized all over the world and is valid for life.


The school EB 2,3 Prof. João de Meira has a DELF Club to prepare its students for the exam and since 2011 it has been the official DELF Scolaire examination centre.

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