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To Read…to Be Ready, not Arid! Life’s Scenarios for the Climate Change’s Age

The project is focused on the reading skills to search some possible solutions for the complexity of climate change’s effects. Because the literature is not just a skill to be acquired, but constitute a complete learning environment, we will use stories (novels, comics, movies…) to stimulate critical and creative thinking in collaborative discussions and digital products, and creato also some object whit entrepreneurship.

The image wants to show how much what we read - stories that describe the world - stimulate our brain to find solutions to imagine it and make it better.  (Italy, Slovakia, Georgia, Portugal)

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Meeting new friends and cultures

Portugal, Poland, Italy, Spain, Greece, Croatia, France, Lithuania

The project would be basically a penpal project. The school year would be devoted to discover the penpals by exchanging letters and hand-made cards because of the coming special occasions like Christmas The age of pupils: 9 - 16 Their language competance: A1- A2

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Students voice on SDG

 (Portugal, Italy, Greece, Ireland, Georgia and Macedonia)


Students’s Voice on SDG is designed to fulfill the educational, emotional, and social needs of students, their parents, and their teachers on Sustainable Development Goals. It aims to help teachers design their lessons in parallel with Education for Sustainable Development Goals and make students’ voice clear, lead them rise their voice on the Global Issues using web2 technology and connecting the world.

Co-founder: Susana Jordão


Friends around the world

Romania, Czech Republic, Spain, Greece, Turkey, Portugal, Albania, Macedonia and Poland

To enable secondary school students to practice English, learn to recognize the cultures of the countries and to provide positive cultural interaction between countries, global warming and information technologies.

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