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Ubuntu Leaders Academy Schools

The Ubuntu Leaders Academy Schools is a non-formal training education program for young people from 13 to 18. It was developed from the model of servant leadership and with the inspiration of figures such as Nelson Mandela, Malala Yousafzai, and Martin Luther King. The Ubuntu Leaders Academy method is based on the philosophy of African origin "Ubuntu", translated into the expression "I am because you are". Inspired by the promotion of the "Ethics of Care" and the training of "Bridge Builders" and "Servant Leaders" it works on five essential pillars: Self-knowledge, Self-confidence, Resilience, Empathy, and Service. In this way, the Ubuntu Leaders Academy aims to develop and promote the participants' personal, social and civic skills, training them as agents of change at the service of the community, helping to build a more participatory, fair, and supportive community. During an intensive week of work with young people, the aim is to:

o Training for servant leadership;

o Working on the meaning and purpose of life;

o Promote their socio-emotional skills;

o Train for conflict mediation, negotiation, collaboration and teamwork;

o Mobilize for the creation of joint solutions to the problems

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